The Vladen was a fleet of 50 freelance attack fighters loosely aligned with the sixth Insurrectionist Rebellion. Most of the fleet was destroyed near the end of the sixth rebellion, and the rest disbanded. Only four of the original craft remain; 7, 14, 33, and 49. None of the original Vladen mercenary pilots still live and the ships have since fallen into other hands.


Originally all Vladen ships were identical apart from their unique number, from one to fifty, which is stenciled on the side. They were all painted matte black, to blend as well as possible with empty space.

Vladen 7Edit

It can be read about in Purgatory.

Vladen 14Edit

No information is currently known about Vladen 14.

Vladen 33Edit

No information is currently known about Vladen 33.

Vladen 49Edit

The Vladen 49 is currently in the possession of Xavier Frost, it is largely undamaged apart from its internal temperature regulator. It can be read about in Needle of Ice.

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