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The Neverstar Project is essentially a gigantic story, or collection of stories, set in a single science fiction universe. Anybody is free to write, post ideas, create images, video, music for this universe. The goal is to build a massive environment using ideas from many different people. A sci-fi style universe is perfect for this because there is so many places to create and so many characters to construct.

Getting Started

New here? You could start by reading some of our content!

All of our stories are listed here for convenient access. Authors and artists can also make a page for themselves, to link to all of their content and present a little bit of information and maybe a picture. The Authors category page lists all the pages of people who have created a page for themselves.

Once you've gotten a feel for the community, why not add to it? Right now we're working on migrating from our previous location at Shutterfly and you can help by taking stories and Data Core articles from there and making pages for them here! Our previous location.

Or, even better, you can start creating new content! Click here to create a new page and start writing your own story or article, or click here to add a photo to the wiki! You don't need anyone's special approval to create and edit pages on this wiki, though we request that you not edit other people's content or Author pages. If you see something wrong with one of those pages, post in the comments or contact the person responsible for the page.

We also have a live chat! You can chat with other members who are online and signed in to chat here.

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